The Trifecta 800 3D Printer is no longer available.  

If you need support or supplies for the current one you have, we can help.


PLA Filament

Each roll is 750g and has a 1.75mm diameter.

Color Catalog # Price
black Black TR001 $79.95
white White TR002 $79.95
grey Grey TR003 $79.95
clear Clear TR004 $79.95
brown Brown TR005 $79.95
red Red TR006 $79.95
yellow Yellow TR009 $79.95
maroon Maroon TR011 $79.95
purple Purple TR014 $79.95
brilliant blue Brilliant Blue TR015 $79.95

black Set of 3
white Black, White,
green Grey

TR-FIL-3 $219.95


Acccessory Catalog # Price
Trifecta™ 800 Hotend TR500 $205.95
Print Removal Tool Set TR501 $14.95
Digital Caliper TR502 $19.95
Blue Tape TR503 $12.95
SD Card, 5-pack TR504 $34.95
Glass Print Surface TR505 $24.95
Print Surface Clips, 4-Pack TR506 $9.95
Trifecta™ Accessory Kit:
Blue tape, 5-pack of SD Cards, Digital Caliper, Print Removal Tool Set, and Tweezer
TR507 $79.95



Accessory Kit -

Set of 3 Filament Rolls -

Buy 6, Get 1 Roll - 

A savings of $10

A savings of $20

A savings of $80


  • Blue Tape
  • 5-pack of SD Cards
  • Digital Caliper
  • Print Removal Tool Set
  • Tweezer

Catalog #TR507


  • Black
  • White
  • Grey

Catalog #TR-FIL3

Get one roll of Clear PLA Filament FREE when you buy 6 rolls!

Catalog #TR-FIL6