Engaging at home learners

bridging the gap from school to home

virtual learning is hard

Teachers are working hard to stay connected with students and track progress online, but there is still a disconnect. Kids, parents and teachers are struggling to make virtual learning work.

In the classroom, teachers have all kinds of visual aids and hands-on manipulatives available to help connect the dots for students with different abilities and learning styles. It’s much harder to connect those dots virtually and most parents don’t have those resources.

We can help.


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Kids need more than on-screen learning

3D shapes
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math interactive notebook

scan to print large & small + thousands of classroom templates


differentiate curriculum + create manipulatives


scan to print + thousands of classroom templates


flashcards, interactive notebook stickers, awards and more


preserve posters & manipulatives + use with whiteboard markers


full color posters and banners at the touch of a button


the hub for manipulatives and curriculum to support all styles & levels of learning


teacher tools to support differentiated instruction

Save time creating manipulatives and visual aids for home learners

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Easily create cutouts, posters, 3D math manipulatives, ten frames, flashcards and so much more, all at the touch of a button

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TEKS-aligned lesson plans coordinate with poster templates and learning aids

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Thousands of curriculum based shapes, collections and posters to choose from


Looking for ways to keep learners engaged at home? Let us help.

Free 10-lesson Science Unit for Primary Classrooms

Students will study what differentiates living from nonliving objects, gain an understanding of the food chain, and build and observe their own ecosystem for deeper cognition. Free download contains:

  • 10 Lesson Plan Activities
  • 40 downloadable posters and resources
  • A write-the-room assessment
  • Discussion topics on how we can all work together to have a positive impact on the earth

Help spark a child’s interest in our earth and the ever-present need to protect it with this lesson plan from VariQuest.


ecosystem unit thumbnail

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