TCEA 2021 virtual sessions

TCEA Virtual Sessions


Poster Printers 101

From classroom visuals to safety signage and everything in between, we’ll cover all things poster printers and share how to find the right fit for your school.


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Poster Printers 101


Engage Every Learner with the VariQuest Suite 

Differentiate curriculum, engage every learner and save hours of teacher prep time with the VariQuest visual and kinesthetic learning tools + curriculum: Cutout Maker Digital Die-Cut System, Perfecta Poster Printers, Motiva sticker printer and more.


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TCEA Virtual Session: Engage Every Learner with VariQuest


Cloud-based ID solutions: simplify your ID process  [available Feb 5, 2021]

Built just for schools, Cards Online eliminates the headache of traditional ID software by moving the process online. Manage your IDs from any device, anywhere. We’ll help make ID printing easy.


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